Thank you for visiting my e-portfolio. This page welcomes you and gives you some personal information about me.

My name is Adwoa Sikayena  Amankwah and I love to communicate, relate to others and teach. I love to engage in research because it gives me the opportunity to learn new things.  Through research I am able to apply myself to rigorous reading to glean from the contributions of others in my field and chart a clearer path for myself and my students.  The knowledge gained, experience acquired and results achieved, are always worth the time and effort. I become a better teacher with a higher purpose.

I hope this ePortfolio will help you to understand where I have been, where I am now, where I aspire to be and how I hope to get there. Additionally, the portfolio will provide you with samples of my research and other communications related works I have done as well as evidence of my growth as a results-oriented person. I believe my solid background in teaching, research and administration would greatly benefit me as I work toward my ultimate goal: a PhD in Communication Studies.

At the top of this page you will find links to:

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Personal Information

In teaching Communication Studies, I feel as though I’ve found my home. As a child, I loved to read and write about what I’d seen and heard. Along the way, at the Secondary School, I read Science – Physics, Biology and Chemistry for my O’Level examinations, but I found that I was neither crafted for working at the Science Laboratory nor dissecting the human body. This is because, I wanted to be out there and relate to my society and the environment. So at the sixth form – during my A’ Level time – I quickly converted to reading Arts- precisely English Literature, French and Economics. And yes, in doing that, I found I’d finally settled and was on track to doing the things I wanted to do and being the person I wanted to be.  Having meandered my way to the Arts, an education degree seemed the best programme option for me to pursue at the University and that’s what I did.

After my degree, I found myself in teaching my first love – English Language. Coming from a cultural background where English is a second language but the language for instruction and all formal correspondence, I found that I enjoyed teaching. Whether it was me or my students or both, we relished the idea of meeting again lesson after lesson, to learn more about the English Language. However, in line with my career objectives, after three years, I left teaching secondary school to pursue a postgraduate degree in Communication Studies.

The more I learnt about Communication Studies, the more I realised I’d made a good decision. I loved the entire menu of the programme – journalism, public relations and advertising. But I felt particularly drawn to journalism. So I majored in it and graduated as the best student. I worked for sometime in industry and travelled abroad. Whiles there, I taught for a while. As my family and I were contemplating returning home, my life’s preparation (in terms of my education), met with an ideal opportunity – to teach at the University. So I took up the offer, came home and I have been teaching since then. Teaching both the young and the old, parents and singles, chief executives and inexperienced worldly wise people – a hybrid of a sort. And yes, I enjoy it.

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